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Communication is much more than what you say. More importantly it's how you say it and the way in which you say it. Listener’s perspective and his preferred learning style, with regards to absorbing information, will determine success of your communication. Effective communicator has ability to empathies with listeners and skill to adopt their style to make his communication impressive. This workshop is about providing you with the communications techniques for you to be able to communicate effectively with anyone and at any level. It adds to beginners guide to communication and focuses upon some advanced communication techniques.

You will learn how other people think and how they prefer to learn and thus you will be able to tailor your communications to maximize your effectiveness.

Objectives of this workshop 

  • Understanding your own behavioral style profile 
  • Adapting to others’ work styles 
  • Strategies to adapt to different types of behavioral styles 
  • Team conversations 
  • Building Relations and bridging gaps 
  • Effective Body Language 
  • Personal Effectiveness 

A unique, interesting and interactive workshop. Participants will be enabled with self-assessment scheme, peer reviews and reference material. 

Who will benefit

 ·         All those who want to take their communication to next level in professional as well as in personal life.

·         Entrepreneurs who need to communicate with various stakeholders on regular basis. 

·         Entry level and middle level professionals for better communication at workplace.

·         Fresh graduates who need to communicate with their prospective employers.    

Introduction of facilitator

            Dr. Ushy Mohandas is a credible, dynamic communications expert and writer who is a doctor by profession and an educator by passion. She is an experienced world class motivational speaker, who has so far coached thousands of people all over the globe. Dr. Ushy has trained for more than two decades in the field of communications in the education sector, corporate sector and the government sector. A Behavioral therapist, trained in Hypnosis, and a certified NLP practitioner working with organizations dedicated to healing Abuse, Addictions & Neglect.


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